We moved faster than fate but it came at a cost, now you're tripping over backwards for the days of youth you lost. I offered you my hands and I've given you my hope, so let me be your salvation, I refuse to be your rope.
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Mikaela, 14, Brazil

random facts about me:

  1. I love books, books are my life. I could spend hours and hours talking about books. I can read a entire book in less than one day.
  2. I also love music. I’m not having a good day if I’m not listening to music
  3. I have an amazing musical taste (at least I think so)
  4. I hate when people ignore me, or when I’m talking to someone and he/she suddenly start talking about something else. I mean, I’m talking to you, asshole.
  5.  I love tattoos and piercings, I think they’re really cool. If i could, I would have a lot of them.
  6. I actually have one tattoo and one piercing.
  7. I love dogs, they’re so cute and funny and better than cats frendly and loyal.
  8. Paramore is the best band in the whole world. I’m not arguing that.
  9. I have a huge crush on tall boys with dark hair and tattoos (and rock bands)
  10. I have big green eyes and a long dark-blond hair.
  11. I have a really strong opinion of almost everything.
  12. I find hard to make new friends because I’m shy, but I’m actually really cool.
  13. I love my friends. A lot. 
  14. I hate injustices.
  15. My family it’s the most important thing in my life.
  16. I love to sing. I’m always singing.
  17. I really like to play around with photoshop. Even though I’m not good at it.
  18. I don’t like being in the dark, it makes me unconfortable.
  19. I’m always afraid of not being good enough.
  20. I like to read because it takes me to another place, to another life. I like this, I like to leave myself for a few hours and just focus on somebody else.